This is a tool for the fan gamePokémon Infinite Fusion.

You can search through every fusion that exists in-game by Pokémon, artist, types, moves, and abilities. You can order the results by release date, stat, or dex#.

Click on a sprite to compare it with its reverse fusion  (if the head and body Pokémon are swapped), or see a Pokémon with its self-fusion (self-fusions gain 1% more exp). View their type match-up, abilities, evolution lines, classic encounter locations, and an exhaustive list of its learnable moves as well as the locations of TMs/HMs, NPC tutors, and egg moves.
Fusion and Pokémon sprites
  • Green backgrounds are custom sprites made by artists over on the discord and gray backgrounds are placeholder sprites.
  • Some Pokémon and fusions have multiple artwork (or alternative art), which is indicated by the floating icon in the top right of an image
  • Pokémon drop-down
  • Select up to two Pokémon from the drop-down. You can specify if it must be the head or body.
  • Disabling Pokémon prevents fusions that use those Pokémon from being shown. This is useful for seeing what you can make with the Pokémon you have.
  • Click the checkbox to enable/disable the Pokémon. By default, this will toggle its entire species.
  • Enable/disable everything by hovering over the red banner.
  • Artist drop-down
  • Every artist that created a fusion is listed. Artists that have strictly made base Pokémon sprites are omitted. You can still view base Pokémon and their artists through the Pokédex tab.
  • Alternatively you can click on the artist's name under a sprite instead of using the drop-down. Change default behavior in the settings tab.
  • Type drop-down
  • Limit the results to the specified type(s). The order doesn’t matter.
  • Move drop-down
  • Only fusions that can learn ALL of the specified move(s) is shown.
  • Expert and legendary moves (or fusion moves) are special tutor moves that can only be taught to creatures that meet specific criteria (fusion moves that can be taught to a self-fusion can also be taught to its corresponding regular Pokémon).
  • Abilities drop-down
  • A fusion must have ALL of the specified abilities.

  •  (Note: Use your keyboard to select drop-down options. This includes Pokémon by their Pokédex #.)
    Version 6.1.4

    • Four new Pokémon were added.
    • Ultra Necrozma's id was changed from 450_1 to 470.
    • Ultra Necrozma's ability was changed to Neuroforce.
    • Ultra Necrozma had a unique method for calculating its fusion stats, but now its treated like any other Pokémon.
    • Ultra Necrozma's stats were adjusted to their official values (they're much higher).
    • Relic Song and Lunar Dance are no longer taught by the Legendary tutor  (they're signature moves of Meloetta and Cresselia)
    • Fletching Normal/Flying fusions are now treated as pure Flying like other Normal/Flying fusions
    Pokémon stats, abilities, types, evolution lines and movesets are directly from Infinite Fusion's files.

    TM/HM and NPC tutors are defined by these two pages  (moves that have no tutor are omitted).

    Fusion Move compatibility is defined using these two files.
    There are 470 Pokémon. There are 106,515 custom sprites of 220,900 fusions (48.22%).

    Including alternative sprites there are 144,208 custom fusion and 4,634 custom Pokémon sprites. For fusions or Pokémon with multiple artwork, the game choses one at random to be the default but can be changed once caught or through the in-game Pokédex.
    The game and news can be found on the Official Discord. Pokémon Infinite Fusion has NO official website! Only download it from the official discord.
    1. If you're searching by artist, base Pokémon sprites aren't shown. Artists that have strictly made base Pokémon sprites won't be in the artist drop-down.
    2. You're using an invalid combination of filter criteria.
    3. There isn't a custom sprite for that fusion  (try toggling the "Custom Sprites Only" switch).
    If these don't answer your problem, please contact me (jaitnium) on the Official Discord.
    New sprites are released at the end of each month.

    A sprite's date is the sprite pack it was released in, which is a month or two behind the current date  (e.g. sprites released in January might be labeled as 'November'). Older sprites (before October 2021) use their image creation date.
    Fusion Order
    When fusing two Pokémon, you can pick which one will be the head and which one will be the body. Pokemon displayed above fusion sprites are in the format head.body. Because the fusion order of the Pokémon matters, any two (unique) Pokémon can make two different fusions.
    A fusion has the combined moveset of both of the Pokémon used to make it. Expert and Legendary moves (or fusion moves) can only be learned by specific Fusions. There are cases like Dusclops/Latias and Latias/Dusclops where only the former can learn the move Psychic Terrain despite being made of the same base Pokémon (Order matters!).
    A Fusion's base stats are based on a weighted average of both halves, as follows:

    (2/3)xBody + (1/3)xHead for Atk, Def, and Spd
    (2/3)xHead + (1/3)xBody for HP, Sp.Atk, and Sp.Def

    This means that a Pokémon with high Atk, Def, and Spd will make a more effective body than head.
    You can choose the nature of either Pokémon used to make the fusion.
    You choose the ability of either Pokémon used to make the fusion. A fusion may have either the body Pokémon's first ability, or the head Pokémon's second ability. If the head only has one ability, that will be offered instead. If one or both of the two Pokémon has its hidden ability, that will be offered in place of its normal ability.

    Some fusions have Reverse Abilities, which can only be obtained using the DNA Reverser item. If you want a fusion to have its Reverse Ability, first fuse the two Pokémon into its reverse fusion  (swapped head and body) and select the desired ability. Then use the in-game "DNA Reverser" item to swap to the actual desired fusion and the ability will carry over.
    A Fusion's types are the head's first type and the Body's second type (e.g. Zubat is Poison/Flying. Any fusion with Zubat's head will be part Poison. Any fusion with Zubat's body will be part Flying. A Zubat's head on a Grimer's body would be pure Poison).

    The body will provide its first type instead of its second if the head is already providing that type (e.g. Grimer/Oddish is Poison/Grass. Oddish normally provides Poison as a body, but Grimer already provides Poison; so to avoid redundancy, Oddish instead provides its primary type, Grass).
    Items that provide bonuses to specific Pokémon can be used by fusions if that Pokémon is the body of the fusion (e.g. Pikachu's Light Ball, Marowak's Thick Club, etc).
    Stat adjustments
    Pokémon Infinite Fusions uses the official generation 5 stats.
    Move adjustments
    Rock Smash, Teleport, and Tackle have their power adjusted to 50. Pokémon learn a mix of moves spanning across several generations, but sometimes will learn moves they normally don't have access to (e.g. Fletchling can be taught the move Hone Edge, but officially just Talonflame learns it).
    Evolution adjustments
    Dozens of Pokémon have their evolution lines changed. Happiness-related evolutions are replaced with Level-up evolutions. Trade evolutions have been replaced with Level-up evolutions OR you can use a "Linking Cable" item.
    Abilities adjustments
    Most Pokémon have their usual abilities, but there are a few adjustments (e.g. Mewtwo and all three legendary birds have new Hidden Abilities).
    You’ll need to go to the discord to claim credit. When the artist credit file is updated with your discord handle, you’ll be credited.
    My contact is at the bottom of the page, but I check the Discord more often than email. Check in the channel "pif-projects" for "InfiniteDex Website".
    • The following generated (Japeal) sprites don't exist: 470.466, 470.467, 470.468, 470.469
    • Can’t select the same Pokémon drop-down option twice
    • If content is missing from /details, reset your browser's cache.